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Welcome to Berrea, the home world of the Betty Sterling novels.

Berrea is a new type of fantasy world, where using magic is as common as brushing your teeth and where different species jostle for position and power.

Betty Sterling, the protagonist, is catapulted into a new role after a career crisis. And unlike his former career, he is no longer his own boss. Mr. Cristof calls the shots now, after snagging Betty with an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Fisk Sea of Arran 3inIn A Fine Basket of Fish, join Betty and his comrades, Jewels the elf and Sam the ogre, as they set off in search of missing fish. In the Sea of Arran, they find things stranger than any they could have imagined.

Betty’s new career evolves in The Long-Lost Troll, and again his compatriots join the action—at least at first. When Betty is sent to shut down a potions ring, he ends up traveling to the Troll homeland, Durgaland, and comes face-to-gaping-maw with a dragon. And that's only the beginning! Join Betty, Lilahh, Jewels, Sam and others as they get to the bottom of a hostile takeover unlike any that has been tried before.